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dentro del partido republica d pidiendo cambios. >> marcos rubio felicito a po m presidente barack obama por su v victoria, admitio que el movi e movimiento conservador debe t e tener un atrativo infopan(infoÓ en pantalla( >> tienen que ponerle atenciÓn a jeff bush a personas amas mode d moderadas para ganarse el voto latino. >> r(ruido ambiente( >> y el cesenador marco rubio e es el unÚnico que dice que el r partido republicano tiene que a hacer eso, ted cruz dijo lo m m mismo, que la conexiÓn debe ser jenuigenunina. >> y los hispanos jugaron un p papel importante pero hasta que punto? vcarlos notifol desde las vegas. >> para muchos hispanos es sab q que los republicanos tiene que t toamrse el voto latino si qui e quieren ganar. >> /5% 75% de los hispanos de c naciÓn cvvotaron por obama, e. >> aÑos mÁs de una decada de m comentarios acciones del partido republicano bien feos. >> se pensaba que algo que los a ayduaria en nevada es que los hispanos fueron golpeados por la mala economÍa pero comerciantes como salvador auyyala quedaro c inconformes con rmitt romne
. for the general election -- there was a reaction from hispanics. and even marco rubio cannot correct e prlem. they have a deeper problem. they have to deal with the george wallaces of the republican party. >> charles? >> and the demographics, the idea of republicans being white, i think, is wrong. it is true they have problems with african-americans, single women, and young people. those tend to be liberal. with hispanics that are naturally more conseativ ligious, a catholic, it requires a change in policy on immigration. it can be done in one stroke. once it is done, we will not be speaking about the demographic issue. we will be talking about ideological issues. >> all right. let's talk about the new congress. >> i would not have been able to do this without your unbelievable support. you, my friends, stood with me when others tried to buy this election. >> that is tammy duckworth. she defeated joe walsh, the tea party favorite. women did very well. elizabeth warren, claire mccaskill, and so forth. >> 20 women in the senate now, and what is interesting is the republican number goes up from
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conservative. he is a star and future of the g.o.p., who else can join the ranks of marco rubio >> welcome back to "hannity." tonight, the fallout from tuesday's election continues. if you listen to the narrative spun by the mainstream media in the wake of the barack obama victory, you would be led to believe that the republican party's finished. you would think a conservative candidate has no shot of getting elected. but that's not the case. and my next guest is here to explain why. in his latest column, charles krauthammer calls on republicans to stand by the conservative principles that define the g.o.p., and here's why. according to the exit polls, a majority of americans believe that the government does too much. 51-43%. in other words, there is very much anapp tight for conserveatism here in america. joining me is syndicated columnist and fox news contributor, charles krauthammer. great tough here. >> pleasure to be here. >> one of the most worrisome things i saw in the exit poll, coming out of tuesday were the numbers of cuban voters in florida. one of the polls showed that the republica
and hispanic issues. i'm talking about some real life marco rubio or jeb bush. leaders liked -- i am talking about someone like marco rubio or jeb bush. leaders like that, it is possible with a different leader. >> central ways of understanding with the tea party is evolving. republicans in the republican coalition are many voters that are not comfortable. we asked if the growing number of newcomers is a good thing? it was put exactly in half. how much leeway do you think party leaders have to realign their position on these issues? their position on these issues?
going to say is marco rubio the de facto that every donor says where's marco rubio. >> rubio put out a statement last night that was interesting. it's like here's what we need the republican party to do. it wasn't the sort of thing speaking broadly to his party we need to reach out to minorities. and i think that's -- i mean, it was an unusual move i think for a relatively junior senator to put out this defining statement. >> karen, you assume that three of the four candidates for president and vice president in 2016 will not be white men. >> i think that's probably true. >> and i think whoever runs for president is ner going to say they're not going to fund planned parenthood or these other issues. >> but part of the reason you'll see minority candidates is because the republicans actually have a deep bench on this. bobby jindal, marco rubio, susana martinez. >> all right. well, we will table this discussion. just table it. we'll have more of it later. >>> next, history was made last night involving marriage and marijuana. we're breaking down the ballot initiatives with pete william
time before coming to washington in florida. let's talk about marco rubio's role. we'll talk about bobby jindal but marco rubio just happened to go to iowa. what a great guy. this is someone who has national aspirations clearly. from your close read on him, is he someone who can make that leap? he went from the state legislature to the u.s. senate seamlessly. going from senate to presidential candidate is another. does he have it in him? >> if you watch marco rubio speak, not necessarily the speech in iowa -- >> this is what you would expect a republican to say. >> but the convention speech where he's giving it the full treatment, i mean, there are very few politicians that can do what he can do which is make an audience feel something. he can really connect. he's really everything that mitt romney was not able to do. >> i totally agree and i think you wind up in some ways fight the last battle in presidential politics. you pick the guy who is not like the last guy or gal. >> right. and also look at the resounding result of the election was that young people and hispanicss rejected
. >> laura: it's already starting. rising g.o.p. star marco rubio's trip to iowa fueling 2016 speculation. mike huck huckabee with analysis. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone and the factor begins right now. _ hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we'll have the talking points memo in the next segment. but, first, our top story breaking news, the sudden resignation of cia chief david petraeus. the director of the spy agency cited personal reasons, extramarital affair for his resignation. but questions have been dogging him for nearly two months over the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead. he is scheduled to be grilled about it by the house intel committee next week but fox news has now learned that he doesn't plan to testify at the hearing. joining me now from the pentagon fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin with the latest. jennifer, i know you have been working your sources on this at the pentagon and if he cia. what do we know now and when was this issue of the affair first exposed? how
senator marco rubio is heading to iowa this weekend to headline a birthday fundraiser for the state's governor. let's see, marco rubio, iowa, 2016. just saying. >>> and when daniel day lewis showed up at a british film awards ceremony with an empty chair, well, you know where this is going. >> i'm so extremely grateful and glad that taking time out of his very busy schedule that the recently re-elected president of this country was able to make it here tonight. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> yep. all right. finally, how did 19th century naturalist charles darwin manage to land 4,000 votes in a georgia congressional race? it was a write-in after incumbent republican paul brown called evolution and the big bang theory, quote, lies straight from the pit of hell. brown did manage to beat darwin and all other challengers. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> so last night on "politics nation," megan mccain spoke with reverend al sharpton about the direction of the gop and where she thinks the party went wrong. >> i think we haven't done a good job of reaching out
has object just begun. and what is mother earth's real age? marco rubio says he doesn't know. bill nye the science guy. -- captions by vitac -- >>> it is sunday, november 25th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. we begin with the protests in egypt. over night protesters clashed with security forces. this was the scene in dammanhour north of cry row. reza sayah joining us. when can we expect the big one to start? >> reporter: the big one starts tuesday. they're calling for a 1 million main protest on tuesday. that's going to repeat calling for opponents of mr. morsi. but even today there are pro-morsi demonstrated takes place. they're going to be take place in cities outside of cairo. in some of these cities you have anti-morsi protesters as well. we've seen clashes in the early morning hours. they're going to attack the offices of the muslim brotherhood, supporters of the muslim brotherhood. things getting ugly there. the focal point of these anti-government protests remain here in ta rears square. i'm going to step aside to give you a live like look of what tahrir s
partido republicano, pidiendo cambios. hoy el senador marco rubio felicito al presidente obama por su victoria y asegurÓ sentirse privilegiado por haber hecho campaÑa con mitt romney. pero admitiÓ que el movimiento conservador debe tener un tract atractivo para la minorÍa y los republicanos deben trabajar pilas. >>> tienen que ponerle atenciÓn a jeff bush a personas mÁs moderadas para ganarse el respeto y el cariÑo de los latinos >>> si no dicen algunos estrategas lo ocurrido anoche pudiera repetirse en 4 aÑos, en boston massachusetts angie sandoval telemundo. y el senador republicano marco rubio no el Único que estÁ diciendo que el partido republicano debe hacer esa conexiÓn del bflamante senador e texas dijo que esta conexiÓn tiene que ser genuina josÉ >>> los hispanos jugaron un papel importante durante la campaÑa electoral, pero hasta quÉ punto el voto latino fue determinante para la reelecciÓn de obama. >>> no le dieron el respuesaldo voto latino y hoy pues estÁn pagando el precio >>> esta encuesta indica que 75% de los hispanos de la naciÓn votaron por obama en
that we have got to reach out more to hispanics -- >> senator marco rubio said yesterday, "i don't know these people who don't want to work." these governors, republican governors, if you are in a gerrymandered house district, you can keep with the 47%. if you are a senator like marco rubio or somebody with presidential aspirations, you cannot keep saying this about people. >> it will take more than cosmetics or 4 wolfe street it is policy. that is what they have to come to grips -- it will take more than cosmetics or photo ops. it is policy. that is what they have to come to grips with it. their policies don't wash with people, the people in need to reach. >> it worked in 2010. it could work again in 2014. i would not write them off entirely. >> i am not writing them off, but the first thing to do is to get the immigration reform bill -- >> jan brewers in their party. >> you get the last word. see you next week. >> "inside washington" is brought you in part by the american federation of government employees, proud to make america work. for more information about afge and membership, vi
senator marco rubio. mr. rubio gave the keynote speech last night inside the palace theater. this is about 45 minutes. >> it is now my honor to introduce two nights great speaker, senator marco rubio. -- tonight's great speaker, senator mark rubio. he first served in florida's house of representatives in 2000 and was elected to the house of representatives in 2012. he served on commerce, foreign relations, intelligence, and small business committee. senator rubio has the courage and tenacity to stand up to washington's reckless spending and assault on the free enterprise system. he is just what we need to restore fiscal discipline and champion job creation. if you ask me, america can expect great things from this man in the years to come. please give a warm welcome to senator marco rubio. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. if this thing beeps, i will know what that means. i am honored to be here today. i want to data -- thank all of you for having me. i came from a small school that is no longer around. it is not my fault. maybe some of you are happy it is not around,
giuliani, ann coulter, marco rubio, he had gillespie. we want to update you with the latest stores. we start with the racemessen tracking survey. romney up over the president, and this is our final glimpse into the minds of voters across the country before they head to the poles. and gallop, it, too, shows gov. romney beating his opponent, close margent, 49-48. we will have in-depth analysis from the key winning states, including encouraging news for team romney. but first joining we, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. how many stops did you have? >> we did about 20. we did ohio and florida and we just finished in pennsylvania. >> you had five stops? >> norm coleman and i did all of them together. we had john voigt with us today in pennsylvania. and i was very encouraged by pennsylvania. i campaigned there a lot. i was, i was there in '04 when we came two points away from taking it. i was very encouraged by pennsylvania. i think there's a tremendous amount of activity there. the party is really energized. every group that we met with the crowds are really enthusiastic. they fee
. >> we're already talking about 2016. >> marco rubio. >> chris christie is off and run running. >> you have been wearing that fleece a lot. >> i'm going to die in this fleece. >>> good evening. i'm alex wagner in for lawrence o'donnell. rush limbaugh was at war with the republican party over what mitt romney told top donors on a conference call last week. >> the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> tmz reports that mitt and ann romney watched the new "twilight" movie on saturday night, but sunday there was no romance between the republicans and mitt romney. >> we're in a big hole. we're not getting out of it by comments like that. when you're in a hole, stop digging. he keeps digging. >> i reject what he said. if we want people to like us, we have to like them first. >> mitt romney was picking up the theme he put before the country and inadvertently with his 47% video during the came pain. quit despising the american people. >
community is to do immigration. >> or say the name marco rubio. >> yes, marco rubio or coming -- >> cruz. >> yes, exactly. >> susana martinez. just say names. >> just say the napejames. >> marco rubio is this new name, this jesus that's going to save the party. you can't just put a brown face on hostile policies and expect people are going to vote against their interests. the other thing is how old is the earth thing? here once again the anti-factual, anti-scientific right coming back. i didn't expect it from marco rubio. i thought he was in the modern world and the real world. no, he too, lives in the alternate reality. >> the conservative entertainment complex, john, keeps coughing up stories like this one on "the daily caller" all about how the homeland security department has a web page which helps new legal immigrants get welfare benefits. this has sent some people into ap plexy. >> if you want to come to the united states and work and make our nation better while making yourself better, come on. we got legal immigration as marco rubio said. if you're coming here because someone fig
, where do you do you think marco rubio came from? it was us. we don't judge people based on the color of your skin. i thought that's what we all believed. >> they judge you that way. >> i think they judge that you way because they have a sense looking ronald reagan on forward you're not a party of a welcome mat for minorities. jeev we have to work on that, absolutely. we're repopulated the whole republican party. it's no longer octogenarian white guys. we're bringing in everybody. >> he's portraying a party that doesn't exist quaet. i don't know where that republican party works. where is that party? >> they really don't seem to have learned lessons. literally, matt, less than a week after the election results where single women voted against the republican party, 68 to 30, ohio republicans went ahead and put essentially a personhood bill on the floor of the ohio legislature, a personhood bill that was turned down in mississippi. are you guys nuts? >> no, i'm not nuts, actually. >> what do you answer? >> i don't even know what a personhood -- >> it says at the time of your conception
along the way in these elections and when the turning points were. my mind goes back to marco rubio who was about to put forth some legislation that was very similar to what -- a policy that would literally came out of the lips of president obama days later. right before president obama put out his feeling that people who came under the age of 16 and those ramifications that he put out there, right before he did that marco rubio had this plan of his own. governor romney had been campaigning in florida with marco rubio and was asked do you agree with what senator rubio was saying on immigration and he hesitated. he said i have got to think about it. i have to wonder if that wasn't a moment that might have changed the course of a lot of things. >> it could be. i think one of the realities here and mary catherine was touching on this. i think you will see core constituencies rush to people like marco rubio and say tell us how you would do this. i think it raises rubio's stature within the party. you have to look at the business community and people in the high-tech sector and wall street w
up in the u.s., and then "the rise of senator marco rubio," those are the three call-ins this afternoon after the pam which is now being -- panel which is now being introduced. booktv live from miami. >> first up, jake tapper, senior white house correspondent for abc news, joining abc in 2003 and reported extensively on war from the u.s. and the middle east. the outpost: untold story of american valor," eye-opening account from the deadliest battle in afghanistan. please welcome jake. [applause] benjamin bush, actor, photographer, director, and a marine corp. offers who served two combat tours in iraq "dust to dust" weaves together his childhood, marine training, and deployment in the worst of the war in iraq. please become benjamin bush. [applause] brian served three tours of duty in the middle east, two as the commander of an an explosive di poe sal unit in iraq. when he returned them to his wife and family, he struggled with an unshakable feeling of fear and survivor's guilt, the story of war and the life that follows shows the toll it takes on the men and women th
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and the tea party enforces that within the political space. they expect and demand even marco rubio had to be against the dream act. he had to use term like illegals. you have to get up to the edge of top radio speak in order to fit in. just having somebody with an "o" at the end of their name is not going to fix the tone and it's the tone that's turning off latino voters. >> here's the deal. michigan mccontinental has to get mark co-rubio in the office and john boehner and say look guys, i'm running for election in two years. i want marco rubio here to find us a way out of this on policy. find us a version of the dream act that we can live with, that the president can sign. it doesn't havetor a majority vote of republicans. we can vote with democrats in the senate on this and boehner can let house republicans slide over and let it get through his chamber and pretend to oppose it and all that so that they get this issue out of their way. mark, when you listen to that math that michael steel mentioned, i don't see how the republican party can pretend to have a chance nationally four year
they are going to, is promoting candidates such as marco rubio and saying, okay, we're going to dress up these policies that no one likes with a brown face. >> see. >> that's still not going to vote because latino voters vote for policy, not for co-ethnic. >> is that true, reed? >> i think what they are going to have to deal with is that there are differences in their own party on immigration and some of the other issues that come along on the policy side, specifically marco rubio has a slightly different version of the dream act than democrats do that he's introduced. the question is, whether or not other republicans, who were not marco rubio, are going to go along with this. there was going to be 234 to 235 house republicans in congress next time around. are they going to go along with a dream act when they are getting heat from their activists back in their home states? lo look, the republican party can't just come to d.c. and do immigration reform. they have to go home on the weekend and when they do, it's like, have you ever talked to a republican party activist in iowa or arizona o
. >> 2016, let's talk about that. what does the gop do, then -- do they just go, hey, we've got marco rubio? in four years, what do you do, honestly? >> we started in 2010 by recruiting great candidates for statewide office and they won. marco rubio, we've got two governors, democrats don't. ted cruz just got elected senator. that's a good thing. continue to recruit surrogates. we need to make sure the rnc and these campaigns are equipped with the right staff that know the hispanic community inside and out. the third thing they need to do is dedicate the resources so that we don't get outspent 4 to 1 and 5 to 1 by the democrats in the hispanic media and in the minority media. >> patrick, it's not just about the candidate or putting a candidate that has an hispanic-sounding last name or a minority on the ticket. you said you not only have that problem but you have -- >> an angry white man problem. and i don't want to discredit marco rubio for just saying that he's an up-and-comer because he's hispanic. he's an up-and-comer because he can look in the camera and express a conservative viewpoin
relevant? >> mark kirk, kelly ayotte, marco rubio. prepared to carry this water on the republican side. the question is whether or not the generals are going to back them up. when the generals come to testify, if the generals are to the left of john mccain and lindsey graham and joe lieberman, they're going to be left twisting in the wind. if the generals -- the obama administration and give an honest assessment that matches mccain, they'll have a stronger argument. in the end the president is going to do what the president is going to do. >> i think the politics are in flux. six months from now this is going to be a different discussion. josh rogin, staff writer "foreign policy" magazine. writes "the cable." >>> still ahead, a lot of republicans get mad at mitt romney, now, today, and not just for losing last week. >>> we'll also have more from my interview with nancy pelosi when she weighs in on why all the republicans are so mad at mitt romney right now. >>> i said something on this show last night i would please like to take back. if you just think about the presidency, if women ha
minutes. >> it is now my honor to introduce know night's great speaker. senator marco rubio. first serving in the florida house of representatives from 2000-2008 and elected in 2012 to the senate. he served on commerce science and transportation. foreign relations, intelligence and small business and entrepreneurship commit tease. he's the courage and tenacity to stand up to washington's reckless spending. he's the type of special that we need to restore fiscal discipline and champion job creation. if you ask me, america can expect great things from this man in the years to come. ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm iowa welcome to senator marco rubio. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. so this thing beeps like that, i don't know what that means. cut it off, right? i'm really honored to be here. thanks for having me and governor for inviting me. i'm still new enough to be amazed that people so far from florida even care what i have to say. i'm glad to be back in this part of the country. you may not know this but i was here in this part of the country e
him doing this week exactly what you would do if you were thinking about it. we see marco rubio going out to iowa already. it seems like these people are getting themselves into place already. >> i'm sure marco rubio visited area many, many times before he was a united states senator. >> yeah. >> these people would tell you this isn't about a presidential race, but of course it is about taking the temperature there. there are a lot of republicans thinking about running in 2016. i think some of those decisions will be contingent on who's running. jeb bush is about as big a fish as you could find in the republican pond. there probably isn't enough room if for both him and marco rubio to run. paul ryan i think is a potential candidate in 2016 and then a number of others, bob mcdonald, the governor of virginia. if he finds something that's helpful to him to raise his profile. i think these guys are trying to get an idea of what the contributions would be like. what the field looks like. what kind of platform they could put together to appeal to the voters that mitt romney did not. obvious
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